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Five Ways to Inspire Girls This Computer Science Education Week

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Twenty-five events reaching hundreds of girls. Seventeen proclamations issued by mayors and governors. 375 signatures on a petition to make computer classes count toward graduation or as a math credit. Last year, AAUW branches across the country have achieved all this and created a memorable Computer Science Education Week for girls across the nation.

  1. Made with Code
  2. Made with Code lets girls use computer programming to create everything from 3-D printed bracelets, to original music, to animations and art. The idea behind this new project from Google is that computer programming is relevant to girls' lives because "the things you love are made with code."

  3. EngageCSEdu
  4. Get to know the fundamentals of computer programming with these course materials created by the National Center for Women and Information Technology and designed to counter stereotype threat and appeal to students with diverse interests and learning styles.

  5. Microsoft Computer Science Tool Kit
  6. Program a Mars rover, explore water ecosystems, or create your own website with Microsoft's Computer Science Tool Kit. These activities, coming in December and available for preview now, were developed just for girls and explore computer science topics through problem solving and puzzles.

  7. Codecademy
  8. Go from knowing nothing about code to building games, websites, and apps with Codecademy, which offers interactive tutorials in a variety of different programming languages. Codecademy is free and designed for all ages, so families can join in the fun, too.

  9. Hour of Code
  10. You loved it last year, and it's back! The Hour of Code is a worldwide event taking place during CS Ed Week and offers coding activities for all ages and experience levels that can be completed in just an hour, including activities that can be done on paper if you don't have access to a computer lab.

    This year, we're looking forward to inspiring girls together!

    What is your AAUW branch doing for Computer Science Education Week this year?